No More Delay

No More Delay a new Bible study of Revelation

Picture 23 Scroll with the 7 seals

Scroll with the 7 seals

No More Delay (NMD) is a Bible study based on the dutch book “Geen Uitstel Meer” written by the Reverend Wim Embregts and published by het Zoeklicht. Wim Embregts has been a minister, a Bible teacher and a teacher in the Dutch Bible school for more than 60 years. Furthermore he has written more than 10 books as well as many articles on the Bible being published. Unless otherwise said we will use the Holy Bible version: New International Version very frequently.

No More Delay comes from the Bible verse in Revelation 10:6. The study handles the last book of the Bible REVELATION and is structured in a modern way. The study goes in great detail and helps you to understand the events happen in the end time by clear pictures and sound. In the drawing, based on the information the Bible gives us, we can see and hear for example: the flashes of lightning, rumbles and peals of thunder when we study the throne of God in Rev 4.

No More Delay study material will be made available via this site. A special packet can be made available for Bible teachers. If you have any questions or remarks please drop a line to: and we will try to answer it as soon as possible.

I would like to thank the No More Delay project team who made it all possible:

the Baptist Church Immanuel
Author: Wim Embregts:
Technical part: Hans van Wingerden
Bible reading: Patricia van Wingerden
Text editor: Pat Rauch.

Video overview of the study is in four blocks:
These 4 blocks are numbered: DVD 1, DVD 2, DVD 3 and DVD 4. Each block is made up of two parts. The two parts are: used sheets in table form and 6 or 7 video-parts which are located in a Video box. The sheets can be downloaded as defined in the manual: download features. The video parts are stored in a Video box and can not be down loaded by regular windows procedures.
It is important to know how to use the Video box and therefore it is essential to refer to this in the manual: Video box.

Summary DVD 1
* = Special drawings and / or music

DVD 1: Introduction to Revelation and Revelation 1 to 5
NMD ID Bible part Theme Time Sheets
NMD 00 Introduction Structure   18 min* Sheets 00
NMD 01 Rev 1 Authority and Who is Jesus Christ   21 min Sheets 01
NMD 02a Rev 2:1-11 Introduction 7 letters, Ephesus and Smyrna   26 min Sheets 02a
NMD 02b Rev 2:12-3:6 Pergamum, Thyatira and Sardis   28 min Sheets 02b
NMD 03 Rev 3:7-22 Philadelphia, Laodicea + summary   25 min* Sheets 03
NMD 04 Rev 4 View in Heaven   31 min* Sheets 04
NMD 05 Rev 5 Scroll with the seven seals   31 min* Sheets 05
Total DVD 1 180 min












NMD DVD 1 parts in video box:

Summary DVD 2
* = Special drawing and / or music

DVD 2: Revelation 6 bis 12
NMD ID Bible part Theme Time Sheets
NMD 06 Rev 6 Opening of the first 6 seals   31 min Sheets 06
NMD 07 Rev 7 In the Meantime 1: Sealed and the Great Multitude   27 min Sheets 07
NMD 08 Rev 8 Seventh Seal, 4 Trumpets   30 min Sheets 08
NMD 09 Rev 9 Fifth trumpet (1st Woe) and the 2nd trumpet (2nd Woe)   33 min* Sheets 09
NMD 10 Rev 10 Mean time 2a: Little scrol   17 min Sheets 10
NMD 11 Rev 11 Measure the Temple of God, two witnesses and Jesus King   34 min Sheets 11
Total DVD 2 172 min









NMD DVD 2 parts in video box:


Summary DVD 3
* = Special drawing and / or music

DVD 3: Revelation 12 bis 16
NMD ID Bible part Theme Time Sheets
NMD 12a Rev 12:1-12 Mean time 3a: Woman, the Dragon and the war in heaven 28 min* Sheets 12a
NMD 12b Rev12:13-13:10 Mean time 3a: Rescue Woman, anti trinity
Mean time 3b: The beast out of the sea
28 min Sheets 12b
NMD 13 Rev 13:11-18 Mean time 3b: The beast out of the sea and the earth 31 min Sheets 13
NMD 14 Rev 14 Mean time 3c: Announcement judgement, harvest of the earth 25 min Sheets 14
NMD 15 Rev 15 Mean time 3d: Victorious Song and the start of the seven Bowls 13 min* Sheets 15
NMD 16 Rev 16 Seventh trumpet (3rd Woe), seven bowls of the wrath of God min Sheets 16
Total DVD 3 min












NMD DVD 3 parts in video box:

Summary DVD 4
* = Special drawing and / or music

DVD 4: Revelation 17 bis 22
NMD ID Bible part Theme Time Sheets
NMD 17 Rev 17 .. min Sheets 17
NMD 18 Rev 18 .. min Sheets 18
NMD 19 Rev 19 .. min* Sheets 19
NMD 20a Rev 20:1-6 .. min Sheets 20a
NMD 20b Rev 20:7-15 .. min Sheets 20b
NMD 21 Rev 21 .. min Sheets 21
NMD 22 Rev 22 .. min* Sheets 22
Total DVD 4 min











NMD DVD 4 parts in Video box:

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